Level Up Your Social Impact

Creating Impact through the Power of Social Entrepreneurship

I coach creative, relentless individuals who envision solutions to the complexities and challenges facing modern society through the power of social entrepreneurship.


I Am Chantal Carr,
An Experienced Social entrepreneur.

I have worked with beautiful, hard-working people throughout the developing world for the past 20 years. Through my experiences, I learned how to make a true and lasting impact at the lowest levels of poverty in the world. My heart is especially drawn to the women of the earth, full of so much untapped capacity.

But I took too long and spent too much money learning how to help in meaningful and lasting ways.  I want to accelerate your learning and effectiveness so that you can reach that critical point of social impact.  The people of the world need your unique talents and perspective.

Join me, and the growing numbers of social entrepreneurs, to envision solutions to challenges facing society.  I believe it is the power of people helping other people that will meet the needs found in every corner of the earth.  

What is Social Entrepreneurship

“Social entrepreneurship is not about a few extraordinary people saving the day for everyone else. At its deepest level, it is about revealing possibilities that are currently unseen and releasing the capacity within each person to reshape a part of the world.”

My Program

Coaching individuals and organizations looking to make a difference

Whether you are trying to level-up your leadership, your organization, or your social impact, I have a path that will accelerate your work and have more efficacy.  

Why Work With Me

Over 20 Years Of Experience

As the founder of my own non-profit and someone dedicated to lifetime service, I can make sure your organizations avoid the common pitfalls when your getting started.

Qualified and Trained

With a Master's in Non-profit Management, I have been trained and stay up-to-date with all the regulations surrounding the non-profit sector.

For Benefit Organization

Coaching With Chantal is a Social Enterprise that benefits entrepreneur training for women in developing countries.

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