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A Little Bit About Myself

I have a masters degree of non-profit management from Arizona State University and have spent the last 20 years traveling to and from Africa with a backpack. I co-founded Hope Arising in Ethiopia where we teach local leaders and facilitators the power of entrepreneurship to lift families out of poverty.

My Mission & Approach

My mission is to help build family businesses all over the world. I opened up a coaching practice so that I can share what I have learned with other organizations and together we can help social entrepreneurship flourish and help the lowest level of poverty in the world catch back up with modern economies.

I’v Been Helping Create Positive Changes In People's Lives For Over 20 Years.

Areas Of Specialty

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a for-profit business owner that is dedicated to helping fund non-profit missions and initiative.


Lending small business loans to the lowest earning population drastically improves their quality of life and opportunities.

Digital Divide

One of the biggest issues plaguing third world countries is their failure to keep up with technology and interact with the global markets.

Business Training

I have in-depth experience training woman to start and grow thriving local businesses to help lift their communities.

Third-world Development

I have successfully implemented programs that have made real lasting impacts in impoverished communities throughout the world.

literacy training

We were able to create literacy manuals to provide training to illiterate adults. Nothing builds communities more than education.

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